Support the Project

Min ₹ 500

Green Souls, an urban organic farming initiative, runs a community farm project at Kharghar, where fresh and healthy produce is grown and given to children undergoing cancer treatment, absolutely free of cost. Since its start in 2012, this 30,000 sq ft piece of previously unused barren land has been converted into a beautiful food farm by the group and its volunteers by composting nearly 200 tonnes of garden waste, while also introducing nearly 7000 urban people to the practices of urban farming, composting and other earth-care solutions.

We request the urban community’s support in meeting our monthly maintenance cost, which includes one gardener’s salary, manure, seeds and other basic expenses, so that we can continue  with this amazing project.

Any contribution is welcome. All donors will be kept updated on activities and improvements on the farm, as well as avail discount offers on workshops on organic kitchen gardening by experts in the group, that they can use for themselves or gift to their friends.

Monthly expense: Rs 20,000

Thank you!