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*Instacash is available to businesses transacting on Instamojo, based on eligibility. Start collecting payments with Instamojo to become eligible

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Instamojo provides fully transparent & easy to understand repayment schedule & charges. We even built a calculator for it!

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Why Businesses Instamojo

Shriyans Bhandari Greensole

Instamojo is the first company through which we took our recycled footwear online. We can just share a link or even ask for a particular amount from customers and donors. It is a very transparent process and is helping us a lot.

Shriyans Bhandari

CEO and Co founder, Greensole


For over a year, we tested Quirksmith through flea markets and we relied completely on Instamojo for payments and product listings. I often read the blogs they send across and find them very helpful in business.

Pragya Batra

Co founder, QuirkSmith Jewelry


I can’t tell you what a big difference Instamojo has made to our business because it has streamlined the process so much. The interface is very easy for even those who are not very comfortable on the internet.

Nisha Millet

Director, Swimming Academy


We find instamojo to be very intuitive and therefore easy to use. It is a simple product that directly addresses the expectation of a payment gateway. The ability to create links on the go, and share with our guests has helped us receive payments.

Vinay Kumar

Founder & Director, InsightsIAS

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