Growniti (English+Hindi)

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A Practical Guide to Grow and Make Money from your Instagram Page
Growniti was created so that You can learn all the Strategies and Techniques that were hidden from you.
You will get this book in both English and Hindi Language.

Let's Dig Deep and Check What you are going to learn with this E-Book:

  1. How you can Create a perfect Instagram Account
  2. How You can Write a Bio which gives you 100K Followers
  3. What the post growing Niches are
  4. How to Convert your Instagram page into a Brand
  5. How can You Post Perfectly on Instagram
  6. Which Hashtags leads you into Explore Page
  7. Which mistakes you do at the time of choosing Hashtags
  8. What is the best time to Upload your Content
  9. How Re-posting will help to Grow
  10. Which growth techniques will speed up your growth like a rocket
  11. How to create a Viral Post
  12. How You can drive Thousands of followers from a single Post
  13. Which method is perfect for taking Shout Outs
  14. How you can Create Engaging Stories
  15. How IGTV works
  16. How You Can Create a Side Income from your Insta Page

And the most important thing, The complete Case Study of my Page and the ways that I implement to grow my Page to 50K in 110 Days.