No Hungry Child

Min ₹ 2,400

• Our founder Mr. V. Sridhar started this program in the year 2009 providing Nutritious Meal to just 250 Children.

• Now we are feeding more than 21,000 Physically, Mentally Challenged & Under-privileged Children across pockets of poverty in India

• We have a daily nutritious meal coverage of more than 21,000 Physically challenged & Under-privileged hungry children our daily food distribution regimen is smooth efficient & dependable-365 days a year

• Donations towards No Hungry Child are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80 G of the Indian Income Tax

• Recognized by the Government of India for our outstanding services to society

• In order to build the donor’s confidence, we arrange a live video conference with the children and you can interact with them on occasions like birthdays, anniversary celebrations, etc.  We share those video links to donor who have participated in such video conferences.
Our vision “No Child should go to bed hungry