KLSFP - Penetration Testing Certification [Live Training 101 ]

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Min ₹ 50,000

KLSFP - (Kalu Linux Security Fighter Professional ) Penetration Testing Certification. It Most Advance Penetration Testing Certification You Cover 4 Level In This Training

1st - Kalu Linux Complete Command, Service Management, Package Install & Remove, Reverse and Bind Shell, Wireshark, Bash Script, The Essential Tools, Passive Information Gathering, Active Information Gathering, Vulnerability Scanning, Buffer Overflows, Win32 Buffer Overflow Exploitation
Linux Buffer Overflow Exploitation, Working with Exploits, File Transfers, Privilege Escalation
Client Side Attacks, Web Application Attacks, Password Attacks, Port Redirection and Tunneling, The Metasploit Framework, Bypassing Antivirus Software,
2nd - Wireless Network Penetration Testings (WEP, WPA, WPA2)
3rd- Bug Bounty
4th Advance Attacks / Hack the Box/ Vuln Hub
Challenge To Offensive Security Course OSCP
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