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Course Language - English

Penetration Testing with Kali Linux Penetration Testing with Kali Linux is the foundational course at Offensive Security. ... Students who complete the course and pass the exam earn the coveted Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification Training.
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Course Overview & Syllabus

PWK is a unique course that combines traditional course materials with hands-on simulations, using a virtual lab environment. The course covers the following topics in detail. View the full syllabus.

Passive Information Gathering
Active Information Gathering
Vulnerability Scanning
Buffer Overflows
Win32 Buffer Overflow Exploitation
Linux Buffer Overflow Exploitation
Working with Exploits
File Transfers
Privilege Escalation
Client Side Attacks
Web Application Attacks
Password Attacks
Port Redirection and Tunneling
The Metasploit Framework
Bypassing Antivirus Software
Assembling the Pieces: Penetration Test Breakdown