HackLikePro Masterclass - 8 Week Training

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Course Description:

This is a Penetration Testing & Information Security Training Program. The training provides you an intensive session which will empower you with knowledge in a simplified and easily graspable manner. In the training, we teach our students how hackers break into the systems, network, mobiles and website so as to make them aware of the possible loopholes and therefore, making them proficient in reverse-penetration. By doing so, they are able to create a virtual wall between their data and the hackers. This training will enable you to carry out attacking as well as defensive methodologies which will help you and your organization to not only protect but also assess the safety and vulnerability ratio.


Basic knowledge of computers and internet technologies.
It would be better if you own a laptop/PC with minimum 8 GB RAM (if you have 4GB RAM it would still be fine mostly).

  1. Introduction to Information Security -Introduction -Need of Information Security -Ethical Side of Hacking -Steganography -Latest Test Cases -Cyber Law & Indian IT Acts -Conclusion
  2. Basics of Network & Web Technology -Introduction -IP Address -NAT -IP Subnets -DHCP Server -Ports -DNS -Proxy Servers -Virtual Private Networks -DNS Server -OSI Model -Web Architecture -Server Configuration -HTML Basics -PHP Basics -Python Basics
  3. Information Gathering & Foot printing -Digital Foot Print -Information Gathering -Who Is Information -Web Server Details -Reverse IP Mapping -People Search -Tools to perform Digital Foot printing
  4. Email Security -Phishing Attacks – Desktop Phishing, Spear Phishing -IDN Homograph Attack -Social Engineering -Fake Emails -Identify Fake Emails -Key Loggers -Email Encryption -Security Counter Measures
  5. Google Hacking Database -Use Google to craft attacks -Advanced operators of Google -Find Vulnerabilities using Google -Security Countermeasures
  6. IDS, Firewalls & Honey Pots -Introduction to Firewalls -Network Firewalls -Web Application Firewalls -Weakness in Firewalls -Intrusion Detection Systems and weakness -Intrusion Prevention Systems and weakness -Honey Pots and Security Misconfiguration
  7. Web Application Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing -Introduction to Web Architecture -Web Security Generic Misconceptions -Introduction to DBMS – MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 -Introduction to SQL -OWASP Top 10 Attacks o Sensitive Data Exposure o Insecure Direct Object References o SQL Injections • Authentication Bypass Injection • Blind Injections • Error Based Injection • Union Based Injection • Stacked Query Injection • Time Based Injection o Cross Site Scripting (XSS) o Broken Authentication and Session Management o CSRF o Missing Function Level Access Control o Invalidated Redirects and Forwards o Security Misconfiguration o Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities -Brute Forcing Attack -Heartbleed Attack -Shell Shock / Bashbug -HTTP Response Splitting -Denial Of Service Attacks -Vulnerability Analysis using Burpsuite -Arbitrary File Upload -Applications to Automate VAPT
  8. System Hacking -OS Login Bypass • Introduction to Authentication Mechanisms • Tools to Defeat Authentication -Malware Illustration – Virus, Worms, Trojans -Create Virus -Create Trojans -Evade Antivirus & Firewalls -Scan System for Malicious Applications
  9. Linux Basics -Install and setup -Introduction to Linux based Pentesting OS -System Architecture -Network Configuration -Essential Commands
  10. Network Attacks -Introduction to Network Attacks -Man in the Middle Attack o ARP Poisoning o SSL Stripping
  11. Wireless Security -Introduction to Wireless Technology -MAC Filtering -Packet Encryption -Packet Sniffing -Types of Authentication -Types of Attacks o ARP Replay Attack o Fake Authentication Attack o De-Authentication Attack -Security Countermeasures
  12. Mobile Security -Introduction to Mobile Platforms -Security Architecture of Mobile Platforms -Introduction to VoIP -VoIP Calls from any number to any number - Fake Calls -Android Exploitation Framework
  13. Network Attacks -Introduction to Network Sniffing -Packet Sniffing - Wireshark -Packet Analysis -Display & Capture Filters -Network Attacks - Ettercap o DNS Poisoning o ARP Poisoning o Denial of Service
  14. Reverse Engineering -Introduction to Reverse Engineering -Windows Memory Management System -Assembly Language Basics -Application Debuggers & Disassemblers -Application Cracking, Patching & Keygenning
  15. Cryptography -Introduction to Crypto Techniques -Types of Encryptions & Hashes -Crypto Analysis -Insecure Cryptographic Storage
  16. Exploitation:1 Buffer Overflow Attacks -Introduction to X86 Architecture -Memory Analysis -Shell Code Compilation -Vanila Exploit -Stack Overflow -Egg Hunting
  17. Network Vulnerability Scanning -Introduction to Network Vulnerability Scanning -Vulnerability Assessment using Nessus -Scanning Policies -Vulnerability Assessment using Open VAS -Report Generation -Patch Critical Loopholes -System Hardening -Secure System Configuration
  18. Exploitation:2 Metasploit Framework -OS Detection -Open Port & Service Detection -Metasploit Framework Architecture -Various Interfaces of Metasploit Framework -Basic Terminologies -Vulnerability Analysis -Exploitation on Various Platforms -Evade Anti-Virus & Firewalls -Metasploit Scripting -Create Custom API to test Window Security -Configure Nmap with Metasploit Framework -SET -Ways to deliver Exploits
  19. WAF, IDS and IPS -Setup Web Application Firewalls -Configure Rulesets -Setup Network IDS/IPS -Writing Custom Rules -Logs Analysis -DMZ Configuration
  20. Ethics of a Penetration Tester -Penetration Testing Methodologies -Customers and Legal Agreements -Penetration Testing Planning and Scheduling -Pre Penetration Testing Checklist -Scope Analysis -External Penetration Testing -Internal Network Penetration Testing -Router Penetration Testing o Brute Force Attacks o Router Exploitation o Reset Framework -Denial of Service Penetration Testing o Scalability Analysis o Load Balancer Testing -Physical Security Penetration Testing o Input – Output Device Access Policy -Database Penetration Testing o Security Misconfigurations o Insecure Cryptographic Storage -VoIP Penetration Testing -VPN Penetration Testing & report generation -Penetration Testing Report Analysis -Penetration Testing Report and Documentation Writing -Penetration Testing Deliverables and Conclusion

You will receive an E-mail within 24Hours with all details.
Contact : <info@hackworms.com>
WhatsApp : +91-8630368818 (No Call)
Telegram : ElliotMalek