₹ 3,400

6 Days at a stretch, 9 am - 7 pm. The Course Fee is inclusive of Study Material, Electronic Kit and Lunch/Snacks.

To operate Amateur Radio in India, an Indian citizen has to be of 12 years of age and needs to pass Amateur Radio Operator's Certificate (ASOC) Examination, which is conducted by the Wireless Planning & Co-ordination Wing (WPC Wing) of Department of Telecommunications (DOT) in the Ministry of Communications & IT, Government of India on a regular basis all throughout India. There are two grades - The General Grade and the Restricted Grade. The theory part of the examination are same for both the grades. The Morse Code sending and receiving at 8 wpm is compulsory for the General Grade. The theory is in two parts - Basic Electronics and Rules & Regulations. Basic Electronics part are exempted for those individual who has studied Electronics Engineering or Diploma or who had Electronics as a subject in the graduation level. For candidates who are between 12 - 18 years of age needs a permission from either his/her parent or head of the institution the are studying in.