Money Management Mastery - Intensive(MMM#1) - 07th November 2021 - 4 Hour LIVE

₹ 2,000₹ 497

Date: 07 November 2021.

Become perfect at money by correcting past financial mistakes; By doing future investments correctly. .

Webinar Day: Sunday. Time: 10AM to 1PM.

You will get an email to convey to you which Sunday of the month. It's a Monthly one time program. We will confirm you in an email.

If you miss this month; Next month you can attend freely.

What You going to learn.?

1 – Past Financial Mistakes of You and Corrective Steps to become wealthy.
2 – What Insurance companies are hiding. The Secrets Behind Insurance Policies. Actual Returns in Money Back/Children Ins Policies.
3 – The Mistakes of Retirement and Annuity Insurance Policies. What corporates don’t want you to know.
4 – The best House Buying Tips; How to take decisions for purchasing/constructing House.
5 – The two must do things on Personal Finance for protecting our Money. How to not depends on friends/relatives/chitti for emergencies.
6 – How much time it takes to make 1Crore to 10 Crore. The smart ways to do it quickly.
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Vaasu Challa