Silver Plus Membership: Rs.999 + 18%GST

₹ 1,178

What do You get?

@ A Video Course on How to have 1Cr to 10Cr in Bank Account. The Same we gave to exclusive Gold Membership People (People Who Paid us More than 10K).
@ A Life Time Free Special Regular Mutual Funds Account Managed by Vaasu Challa - Worth 50K+
@ A Four-hour Live Program Invitation of Money Management Mastery - Currently Charging Rs.2000
@ A Basic Insurance and Emergency Check - One to One Discussion with Investment Consultant.
@ Free Invitation to Monthly Master Class of Vaasu Challa

Features In Detail:
A Life Time Free Special Regular Mutual Funds Account:
If your fixed deposit is giving 6% returns and Inflation is 7% per annum. What is your real return? Its -1%. For beating inflation, you should do right investments. But the problem is lack of knowledge and over trust on google/youtube people doing many mistakes on mutual funds. We are here to help you to choose the best funds and create wealth.

Features of our platform
It's a platform to simplify and manage all your investments
Keep tracking all with single click
Secure AWS and High Level Data security
A single platform for all your investments needs
Online ATM Available. Debit Card Option
Video KYC Available
Hi-Tech reports on Fund Performance
Multi Asset goal planning with online transactions sync
Top selection of Mutual Funds by Vaasu Challa and Happycoin Team
SIP/SWP/STP strategical planning
Single platform for all 44 Fund Houses
Valuation Report of Funds
Premium Customer Support
Mobile App for Convenience
Weekly Q&A Sessions and Clarifying personal doubts

4 Hour Master Class on Money Management Mastery: Usually on One Sunday.
A Four-hour Live Program Invitation of Money Management Mastery
What you going to learn:

1 – Past Financial Mistakes of You and Corrective Steps to become wealthy.
2 – What Insurance companies are hiding. The Secrets Behind Insurance Policies. Actual Returns in Money Back/Children Ins Policies.
3 – The Mistakes of Retirement and Annuity Insurance Policies. What corporates don’t want you to know.
4 – The best House Buying Tips; How to take decisions for purchasing/constructing House.
5 – The two must do things on Personal Finance for protecting our Money. How to not depends on friends/relatives/chitti for emergencies.
6 – How much time it takes to make 1Crore to 10 Crore. The smart ways to do it quickly.
Bonus1: Free Invitation to “HAPPYCOIN SILVER MID2RICH”
Bonus2: Free Invitation to Monthly Master Class By Vaasu Challa

Team Happycoin