Gold Membership After 7Day WA Session

₹ 11,796

Program name
@Gold Membership (After WhatsApp Class)

Program Description
@Explained in Webinar.

1. A strategic One to One Planning for reaching 1Crore to 10 Crore Goal with your Income As early as possible.
2. A Super Strategy to meet all financial goals in Good and bad situations of Life.
3. A Daily Interest Generation Strategy Which Banks apply to generate Money.
4. A Free Video Course of How to Lead LOAN FREE Happy Life without any loans and credit cards.
5. A Special Program on Financial Document Management. How to keep our financial documents securely and available to our loved ones.
6. Premium Mutual Funds service (A Life Time Regular Account)
7. Free Invitation to Premium Facebook Group "GOLD MID2RICH"
8. Free Invitation to Premium WhatsApp Group "GOLD MID2RICH"
9. 2 % CLUB software - A complete Money Management Software

GM FEE + 18% GST

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Unit 301,Plot No 264, Inani House, Kavuri Hills,
Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500081

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