Harish Marnad

Build your Personal Brand - Done For You (DFU)

₹ 63,000₹ 11,995

Learn the concepts & the power of Personal Brand, understand its purpose & vision and design your Personal Brand online with an awesome professional looking Prosite. It is a perfect way to kick-start your process to attracting those big opportunities towards you that you truly deserve.

What do you get with this Product?
The list is long, are you ready for this? :)

1. Personal Branding Masterclass
Here you get all the concepts of personal brand that you can never get anywhere else. You will learn about Personal Branding Purpose, its automation proof vision for you and what is the best way to design your digital billboard. You will go on to launch your Prosite at the end of this course.

2. Free Prosite for an Year
Prosite is a website but built using the best Personal Branding Perspective, on the best platform and by using the best pivotool out there. All this to enable you to be in control of your personal brand online. The tech is so good that anyone can manage and enhance your prosite with little effort.

3. Two Promails for an Year
Promails indicate to your circle that you have arrived online as a brand. It will be a trigger for people & prospects to visit your personal brand and thereby increasing the chances of you winning your next opportunity.

4. Wordpress Platform Masterclass
In order to build your personal brand, you must know the basics of the platform on which your prosite is built. This platform enables you to write a blog, sell products, create membership programme, host an online course and much more. Knowing its basics via this masterclass is the first step in maximising the utility of the prosite in your personal branding journey.

5. Elementor Pivotool Masterclass
Elementor is the game-changing tool which has enabled non-techies to be driver of their own brands online without having to depend on anyone else. It is an intuitive tool which allows us to build professional looking pages using drag and drop feature edit the content like a word document. I am no expert on this but I have got the best available content online as a course for you.

6. Elementor Pro Plugin
Free version of elementor comes with many many features but Pro just takes it to the next level. All prosites we provide comes with Elementor Pro plugin so that your creativity is not limited in anyway.

7. Lifetime access to our Community
You will have lifetime access to our community which allows you to participate in monthly sessions, ask any questions you may have on anything we teach or offer, network with other personal brands and fast-track your journey towards your most important goals.

8. One Year Access & Update to Masterclass, Tips & Tricks & Templates
You will have 1 year access to all our masterclasses, different templates that we create for various purposes for you to use. Gives a good way make a jump-start your prosite upgrades.

9. Seven Job Search Hacks Mini-Masterclass
If you about to start your next job search or in the middle of one, these hacks will help you beat the competition using different tactics some of which I have personally tried and have got success.

10. Personal Brand Launch in 7 Days
When you join, we follow a unique process where we can launch your brand in 7 days. With this package, most of the work needed will be done by both of us such that we get the best product in the shortest time possible. You will be guided by us via our masterclass and you will be well supported with our private sessions as a part of this package.

What is the total Value?
OK. Here you go

  1. Personal Branding Masterclass - Rs.5,000
  2. Free Prosite for an Year - Rs.7,000
  3. Two Promails for an Year - Rs.3,000
  4. Wordpress Platform Masterclass - Rs.4,000
  5. Elementor Pivotool Masterclass - Rs.3,000
  6. Elementor Pro Plugin - Rs.3,500
  7. Lifetime access to our Community - Rs.9,000
  8. 1 Year access to Masterclass & Templates - Rs.3,500
  9. Seven Job Search Hacks Mini-Masterclass - Rs.5,000
  10. Complete Prosite Set-up & Approval - Rs.9,000
  11. Private Brand Design Document Review - Rs.2,000
  12. Private Prosite Launchathon Session - Rs.5,000
  13. Two Post Launch Strategy Calls - Rs.4,000
  14. Personal Brand Launch in 7 Days - Priceless

Total Value : Rs.63,000

What is Done With You Service?
We have 3 type of Services. This is the Done For You (DWU) Service.

1. Done By You - DBU:-
This is ideal for you if you are keen to be in control of their personal brand and prosite online. You are willing to make time & put effort needed to learn the concepts, know-how about how to use the platform, the elementor tool & everything else needed to launch your brand in 14 days and build your brand.

2. Done With You - DWU:-
This is ideal for you if are happy with the above but want to launch your brand faster with premium support at key stages & ensure private 1-1 review of your Prosite development and launch. Post launch of the brand, you are happy to put the effort needed to learn the concepts, know-how about hour to use the platform & the elementor tool.

3. Done for You - DFU:-
This is ideal for you if you are keen for us to handle most of the launch process and involve you only when needed. You will still need to understand the concepts about personal branding, the platform and the pivotool but we will guide with whats needed so that you save a lot of time.