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Make your Dream Job Find You - Mini Masterclass

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Hey Professional,

If one thing I have learned from my 14 years of career as a professional is that most of us are happily engrossed in their day-to-day work but never look beyond it.

We assume that as long as we do great work, it will take care of our career progression. Yes, this is the ideal scenario. However, dynamics of the organisations, the internal politics and nepotism tend to create multiple blocks all along the way.

Even with an amazing company, friendly colleagues and a supportive boss, the system of a company is such that your work will never be heard outside of your company. Hence, the world will never get to see how good or great you are.

With the advent of technology and digital platforms, you have the power to showcase your true value to the world. This is no longer optional. With most jobs now being filled by networking, how your personal brand shows up to your network and to the world is critical for you to grab your next best opportunity.

In this 120 minutes online masterclass, I will take you through 6 sections and help you understand the following.

Section 1. Three Big Challenges: Here we will look at the 3 big challenges that you are facing as a professional today. We will try to understand the root cause of these challenges and what is the magic bullet to solve them?

Section 2. The Secret for Today: In this section, we will get to know the most important factor for someone to hire you and how you can learn a hack from the most successful people to powerfully differentiate yourself from your competition & win your next opportunity.

Section 3. The Secret for Tomorrow: We will understand the dynamic nature of the professional world and what it takes for us to build a network which will work for us to get the best opportunities. Here you will get to know how you can scale up the ladder of influence in your network for them to start working for you, for free.

Section 4. The Secret for the Day After: Your approach towards technology will dictate how stable and successful your career will be in the coming decade. In this section, we will look at the best 5-step leverage strategy which you can apply for your career and start taking steps towards it right-away.

Section 5. The Case-Study: Here we will look at your personal branding journey one step at a time, including the actions you will take and the kind of results you can expect. I will also show you one of the real life case-studies as how I helped a professional quit his job and follow his passion full time. Nothing is a cakewalk but it can surely be done with intent, interest and inspiration.

Section 6. The Tool: Here, I will take you through the best free and paid tool that you have at your disposal to build your personal brand. What are the limitations that come with these tools and what I have created as a totally new alternative which is unique, affordable and fits the bill for a professional?

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What do others have to say about this masterclass?

"An amazing eye-opening session for me as a 9-5 professional. Surely, we need to think ahead and start working right from today" - Sunil Gokak, Network Engineer, Bangalore, India**

"I am a technical architect but never thought of applying technology this strategically. Harish builds his case extremely well and it makes a lot of sense why we professionals need to become our own marketers" - Prabhanjan R, Tech Architect, Texas, USA

"I was not sure of the direction I should take as a product manager but the path Harish lays out in his masterclass is absolutely brilliant. He presents what we know already in a totally new but highly convincing fashion - A must for every professional." - Arun Uchila, Product Manager, Stockholm, Sweden


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Harish Marnad
Creator, CEO & Alpha Coach at HMBA