Sales Funnel Mastery

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Here is the Back Story.

As a Part of High On M Learning Centre - we have been running Exclusive Training on Funnels.

We have 5 Heavily Loaded Video Lessons in Funnel Mastery which will help you to craft your Profitable Funnel. Following are the Lessons:

Video 1 - Basics of Funnels

Video 2 - What is a Lead Magnet? How to Craft a Lead Magnet in less than 30 Minutes?

Video 3 - What is a Tripwire? How to Craft your Tripwires and change your Prospects into Buyers?

Video 4 - What are Upsells, Cross-Sells, Downsells, Offer Wall? How to Execute the Funnel using Cart Platforms like Instamojo and Thrivecart?

Video 5 - Crafting a Perfect Return path, so that your Buyers keep buying from you again and again

We will keep updating the Course as we move forward and also share the Profitable Funnels of Various Companies.

The Course comes along with one of my Case Studies of $2 Funnel and I have explained How I went from $2 average Customer Value to $12 Customer Value which is 6X of the Orignal Offer using Funnels.

It's Time to Master FUNNELS and dump the old boring concept of a Website.