DELED SBA Format in English 511.2 ( Maintenance of school/class records and registers )

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This is the Format of School based Activities ( SBA - 511.2 ) for the teachers who are DELED from NIOS. 511.2 All the 5 activities of maintenance / school records and registers are PDF file format. You have to download and fill it. If you have any problems filling out all the formats, contact the email. Or, click here: We now have Solutions in Hindi.
All these subformats are given in this format.
511.2.1 Preparation of progress report of the pupils
511.2.2 Anecdotal Record (based on specific observation)
511.2.3 Maintenance of Lesson Diary/Notes
511.2.4 Preparation of schedule and conducting arrangement/substitute class schedule and
conducting substitute classes.
511.2.5 Preparation of record of library, laboratory and sports activities for pupils