Bhagavad Gita: Modern Reading

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The book presents in-depth study of ancient Indian philosophy, bringing out the essence of Vedanta in its clear and pristine form devoid of any religious consideration or superstition. 

The emotional state of the observer, experimenter or applicator is no concern of modern science. Parā vidya, on the other hand, in addition to seeking knowledge, presents the theory and practice of internal fulfillment. In fact, the knowledge it offers cannot be imbibed unless one’s mind is under control. Relying on superstition is not the answer. Rigid religious texts may not answer complex questions unless one learns for oneself how to work out answers and live accordingly. So the right combination of parā vidya (true knowledge of oneself) and modern science can be considered a viable antidote to the ills of the world.

This mega work establishes how the wisdom provided in the Gita can help anyone lead a happy and fruitful life in today's modern world irrespective of religion or nationality, successfully integrating Vedantic ideas with contemporary life in unbiased, simple and practical manner. (No self-help books required anymore!). 

The book contains Sanskrit transliteration of the Gita into lossless roman script with English translation of every verse, plus detailed commentary and discussion.All concepts however deep are explained lucidly making it very easy for objective interpretation even for the beginner.

Originally written in Malayalam (one of the Classical Languages of India), the work was serialized in Mathrubhumi daily – the leading newspaper of Kerala – over a period of two years, and was published later as a book titled ‘Gitadarsanam’ in Malayalam language.

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