The Hybrid Approach: The Power of Momentum combined with Mean Reversion!

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Do you want to learn how to build a diversified portfolio of strategies that work in different kinds of market conditions?
Do you want to know how professionals beat the market consistently?
Are you looking to grow your wealth with less Risk, Time & Stress?

DYR Hybrid Strategy:
An Ultimate Guide to Multi-Strategy Investing!
The strategy seeks to invest in the stocks which are in long term uptrends & at the same time take advantage of the short term reversals that happen along the way.
It’s a powerful combination of momentum & mean reversion which can improve your risk-adjusted returns significantly!
DYR Hybrid Strategy is a complete portfolio of strategies to take advantage of various market phases in a systematic & data-driven way.

DYR Hybrid Strategy will help you…

  1. Ride Long Term trends in Stocks,
  2. Turn short-term market reversals in your favor,
  3. Avoid major bear markets,
  4. Improve your risk-adjusted returns and,
  5. Have a smooth portfolio growth.

All of the above benefits without…

  1. spending hours watching markets,
  2. paying an exorbitant amount of money to the so-called experts, trainers, and advisors,
  3. spending huge money on Softwares & infrastructure.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Well, it does but believe me it's true!

DYR Hybrid Strategy is the combination of four strategies that work in different market conditions…
1. Dual Momentum Strategy to invest for long term during bullish market environments,
2. Mean reversion strategy to take advantage of the short term corrections that happen along the way
3. Short Strategy to take advantages of highly overbought stocks and
4. Capital preservation strategy when the market enters into a bearish phase.

What do you get when you purchase the DYR Hybrid Model Guidebook?
1. High performing long term Trend Following Strategy with returns over 27%.
2. High performing Momentum Rotational trading strategy with returns of over 30%.
3. High probability Mean reversion Strategy on the long side.
4. High probability Mean Reversion Strategy on the short side.
5. Full Disclosure of trading rules: This is not a Black Box trading system. You will have a complete understanding of the rules, rationale & logic behind all the systems.
6. Diversification: Our strategies have a very low correlation to each other which will help you improve the risk-adjusted returns and have a smooth portfolio growth.
7. Multiple Portfolios: Depending on your objectives & risk profile, you can have multiple portfolio combinations.
8. Practical ways to apply the strategy portfolio including Options.

9. Proven strategies based on facts & data, not on subjective analyst opinions.
10. Economical: You don’t need expensive software or advanced degrees in mathematics. No need to pay exorbitant fees to advisors and fund managers. Take control of your own investing.
11. Flexibility: You don’t need to sit in front of a computer screen for the whole day. Just 10 minutes a day & you’re done!
12. Capital Preservation: Inbuilt capital preservation mechanism to save us from large market declines like 2008-2009.
13. Free Readymade Screener to scan potential opportunities daily.

Wait… There's more...
90 Day Money Back Guarantee.
DYR Hybrid Model Will greatly improve your portfolio returns. But if you think you haven’t got any value out of the guidebook, get back to me within 90 days of the purchase, show me the trades and I will gladly return the money.
Only Serious Investors need to apply! If you just wanted to check out the strategies, there are no refunds whatsoever. You'll have to show me the work you did to get a refund. if you placed a few trades here & there, there are no refunds!