HAS Prelims Test Series 2018 (GS )- [20 Full Length Tests]


Features of Test Series:

*This is a Pre-subscription.

*The tests are prepared by Nimbus HAS Academy, Shimla.

*While purchasing, don't forget to enter your email id in the database as tests will be delivered through email only.

*Updates will be sent to your email ID. Any announcement or new updates will be notified by e-mail.

*Tests will be given in a PDF format on weekly basis.

*After registration/payment, tests will be delivered within 24 hours (maximum).

*For queries, drop a mail at <hpgeneralstudies@gmail.com>

Check sample paper here:


Test Series Planner:

Test No-1 GS (PRE)1 15-03- 2018
Test No-2 GS (PRE)2 20-03- 2018
Test No-3 GS (PRE)3 24-03- 2018
Test No-4 GS (PRE)4 28-03- 2018
Test No-5 GS (PRE)5 02-04- 2018
Test No-6 GS (PRE)6 07-04- 2018
Test No-7 GS (PRE)7 11-04- 2018
Test No-8 GS (PRE)8 14-04- 2018
Test No-9 GS (PRE)9 17-04- 2018
Test No-10 GS (PRE)10 20-04- 2018
Test No-11 GS (PRE)11 24-04- 2018
Test No-12 GS (PRE)12 28-04- 2018
Test No-13 GS (PRE)13 01-05- 2018
Test No-14 GS (PRE)14 03-05- 2018
Test No-15 GS (PRE)15 05-05- 2018
Test No-16 GS (PRE)16 06-05- 2018
Test No-17 GS (PRE)17 08-05- 2018
Test No-18 GS (PRE)18 10-05- 2018
Test No-19 GS (PRE)19 12-05- 2018
Test No-20 GS (PRE)20 12-05- 2018