Intraday Trading Strategies (Tested & Compiled Data) 2018

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Welcome To Nifty Intraday Trading Strategies,

Are you an Intraday trader with Nifty or wish to trade in Nifty with intraday?
If Yes! Then here is 8 months data (Jun 2017 - 15 Jan 2018) on how Nifty Future gave profit when you trade with ORB or Opening Range Breakout technique.

What will YOU get with download file?
You will get Microsoft Excel file which is compiled for 8 months of data from NSEINDIA.COM which is Jun 2017 to 15 Jan 2018 for EFFECTIVE & SIMPLE TECHNIQUE known as Opening Range Breakout technique. Which will provide you inputs on how day trader made a handsome profit.

What is profit earned as per your compiled data that is available to download?
More than TWO LAKH RUPEES for six months...

What should you do and how you should trade?
1. You should download this file to see the results for six months.
2. Then when you are ready to take trades in Nifty Future you should identify selling or buying opportunity after 9:30 AM (Nifty opens in morning) also need to observe 15-minute candlestick pattern for this trading technique.
(Remember than you have exit your posision before 3:30 PM STRICTLY!)

  1. Sell when Nifty Future crosses its first 15 minutes candlestick low and set stop loss of first 15 minutes candlestick high and trail your stop loss after nifty crosses low of the first 15-minute candle.
  2. Buy when Nifty Future crosses its 15 minutes candlestick high with a stop loss of 15 minutes candlestick low and change your stop loss to trailing stop loss after Nifty future crosses high of its first 15-minute candlestick.

I have doubt about this trading technique?
I have provided my e-mail id in this file so reach me on your questions

This simple intraday trading technique can get you handsome profits so download this file now!