SBI Equity Back Tested Data With Different Quantity

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Thanks for landing on this page I will answer your questions before you download this file
What will I get with download file?
You will get one year of SBI Equity backtested data excel file that is [explained in this video]

You will see the results when I have started with 100 quantity in January 2017
Increased to 200 in Feb 2017
Increased to 300 in March 2017 and finally till 1200 quantity at December 2017

What is the point in starting with 100 quantity and gradually increasing it every month?
Every trader is different to his reaction when it comes to risk and as a day trader, you can build your risk appetite starting with 100 numbers.

So when you start with small quantity it will be easy to accept smalls and big profits other wise you may intend to set your profits at 1% of any stock movement but in reality stock will move beyond this percentage of 1% that is shown in this file.

If you need to make profit then you need to be consistent and choose one stock for the whole year so that you know that would happen at the end of December but not at the beginning of the first week or First month.

Based on the backtested data SBI stock has grown from 25k in Jan 2017 to 5.56 lakhs at the end of Dec 2017 so download this file and see yourself what you missed before...