Top 10 Mistakes While Making Career Choice

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Today, a majority of people are facing career confusion in their life. Also this is not specific to only those students who are opting to take up a particular course but this question sustains throughout our lives, as it translates to “Purpose of Life”. Whenever someone is in this dilemma and approaches a friend/mentor/relative, communication starts like this:

You: I am confused and not sure what should I do/take up as a career.
Reply: Ok so what is your interest?
You: [in your mind] if that would have been clear, why would I have come here :)

Hence, others can just give us information about a career but no one else can suggest a career that is good for us. It is self-exploration cycle which each one of us has to go through on our own. But still there are some common mistakes that can surely be avoided while making these choices. This book would cover what are those common mistakes and how one can avoid them.