CorelDraw Graphic Design Expert Course - Best for Beginners

₹ 999

CorelDraw Graphic Design Expert Course - Best for Beginners.

This course is all about Learning CorelDraw Graphic Design Software and Learn How to create Real World Logos, Brochures, Visiting Cards, Brochures etc that gets printed on real pages and get used in Websites and TV's all the time.

Lessons included in CorelDraw Design Experts Course

Lesson 1: Downloading CorelDraw Software
Lesson 2: Installing CorelDraw Software
Lesson 3: Welcome Screen of CorelDraw Software
Lesson 4: Creating first Document and Properties
Lesson 5: Understanding File menu and Inside Options in CorelDraw
Lesson 6: Understanding Edit menu and Options
Lesson 7: Understanding View menu and Option
Lesson 8: Understanding Layout menu and Option
Lesson 9: Understanding Arrange menu and Options
Lesson 10: Understanding Effects menu and Inside Option
Lesson 11: Understanding Text menu and Inside Option
Lesson 12: Understanding Bitmaps menu and Option in Coreldraw
Lesson 13: Understanding Table menu and Settings
Lesson 14: Understanding Tools, Windows, Help menu and Settings
Lesson 15: Understanding Toolbar, First Half Tool Bar Settings
Lesson 16: Understanding Toolbar, Middle Half from Shapes to Connectors
Lesson 17: Understanding Toolbar, Last Half from Effects to Interactive Fill Option
Lesson 18: Creating First Professional Business Logo Design
Lesson 19: Creating your first Professional Client Visiting Card
Lesson 20: Creating your first Professional Client Letterhead Design
Lesson 21: Creating your first Infographic and Space Rocket Design step by step (Advanced)
Lesson 22: How to Save Export your Document for Printing Purposes

Why You should Learn CorelDraw over Free Design Tools in Market-

  1. 10 Times more value than Course Cost.
  2. Not Limited as Online tools.
  3. Create whatever you can think off in mind.
  4. Beginners to Advance Level in One Course.
  5. All Questions Answered inside and on Facebook Group: Digital Marketing Enthusiasts.
  6. Get your Money back by Creating Graphics for Clients available everywhere on Facebook and Social Channels in one shot.
  7. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  8. Give your Dream Company a Premium Look by Creating Business Identity Package yourself and Save Thousands of Money.
  9. Create your Own Info-graphics and win back-links by wooing competitors with your Designing Skills.
  10. Best for Entrepreneurs, Budding Designers, Digital Marketers, Developers, NGO's, Bloggers and everyone who provides Services/ Products online.

Course Duration: 6.5+ Hours Practical Pre-Recorded 24 Videos.
New Chapters will be added without any extra cost in future too.

Here is a sample Fb Live Tutorial link on "How to create a Business Logo Using CorelDraw" -