Make $50 to $500 or more monthly using Micro Niche Blogs

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₹ 4,999

Note : Limited Batch Members allowed.

This is a Live Instructor-led course using Zoom Software.
Duration : 1 month
Class Duration 1-2 Hours each.
Class timings : 10PM ( Saturday & Sunday) weekends.

Course Module/ Lessons are mentioned below.

  1. What is Micro Niche Blogging
  2. Possible Ways of Monetization
  3. First step preparations
  4. How to find micro niches
  5. How to finalize the keywords
  6. Writing resources
  7. Finalizing EMD/ Expired Domains for start.
  8. Building blog using Wordpress
  9. First setup
  10. Optimising articles from SEO perspective
  11. Setting up structure
  12. Building backlinks for quick growth
  13. Monetization using Adsense & Lead Generation
  14. Scaling from $50 to $500 Per month
  15. Flipping websites on Fb Buy/Sell Groups or Flippa.

Why to Join?
1. Extensive money making oriented course that can get your course fees earned back in as less as 30 days if you are an action taker.
2. If you are struggling to make money using Blog/ SEO and paying your bills is still an issue.
3. If you already have money to invest for a new source of income.
4. If you don't have enough money to start but can invest INR 5-10k every month.
5. If you are interested to make $50-500 or more every month by just doing 5-10 hours work a week.
6. Yes the business model is scalable and also can be automated after sometime.

1. You should have a basic understanding of SEO practices.
2. Complete SEO fresher may join but has to be a hungry learner.
3. First time 7 day refund policy if you are not satisfied.
4. Last course for SEO has 100% satisfaction rate by attendees. (Link here :

More questions? Whatsapp on 9305155355.