Online CS Prelims Test Series 2019 |


30 online tests. (Weekly)

CS - PTS is a comprehensive and highly affordable test series for the preliminary stage of the UPSC Civil Services exam.

It is best suited for those who are working/pursuing education and simultaneously preparing for this exam, and also for those who are experienced with the prelims preparation but are in need of a test series to evaluate their progess.

The programme is designed to instill the much required confidence in the aspirants by inculcating discipline and diligence through weekly tests and targets.

Students who enroll for CS - PTS will have to solve 100 Multiple Choice Questions (2 hour test), per week.

The detailed schedule and timelines for this programme can by found in the "Download Plan" tab.

All the basic and standard text books that are indispensable to cover the static portion of the syllabus have been included in the plan.

The targets set for current affairs and the resources suggested to the students will help them cover the issues for the last one year in an efficient manner.

There has been conspicuous trends in the recent UPSC Prelims exams on various miscellaneous topics. The targets and resources suggested under this programme will help students to cover all those areas and help them maximize their score beyond the cut-off marks.

The Multiple Choice Questions under this programme are designed in such a way that they resemble the quality and difficulty that is seen in the UPSC Prelims exam. This is of utmost importance because it will help the students to develop a mental make-up and strategy that is required to use the elimination techniques for solving the questions in the real exam.

The students will also periodically get access to articles written by those who are into the services and by those who have consistently done well in the prelims exam. The articles will try to address the questions about how to use elimination techniques, how many questions should to be attemped, how to guage the difficulty level of paper and how to be in the best frame of mind while soving the prelims exam and much more.