7-Day Website for Personal Branding Online Program

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Instant Access Process

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Day 01:
(1) DIY website, why you must have a website for your personal brand
(2) How to create your website from scratch

Day 02:
(1) Brand optimization of the website, strategic content placement
(2) Optimization, content, tabs, CTA, 3 Website analysis
(3) Your personal brand website checklist

Day 03:
(1) SEO, Indexing your website with Google search, Google analytics
(2) Find 3 main keywords and mention on homepage content

Day 04:
(1) What are landing pages, benefits of landing pages
(2) Creating landing pages and payment integration
(3) Landing page strategy and checklist

Day 05:
(1) Why email marketing, tips to grow your email list
(2) Email marketing, automation, Apps & plugins

Day 06:
(1) Facebook pixel, re-targeting your website visitors
(2) Create your Facebook pixel and link to the website

Day 07:
(1) Tips to grow your website traffic, call to action to divert your audience to the website
(2) Write your first blog and share with your network and get visitors to your website

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