Idhayam Wealth - 1 Month Subscription at 100 Rs

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Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual for a brilliant smile and better oral health. An excellent detox for the body and mouth, Idhayam has come up with 10ml sachets of sesame oil for everyday use.

Oral health is the gateway to overall mind and body wellness. Most of the diseases that occur in our body are linked to the harmful microbes that live in our mouth. Ancient Ayurvedic medicinal practise Kavala was practised widely 5000 years ago. Sesame oil which has the power to kill toxins, was poured in the mouth at the start of every morning. It was swished and swirled for 15-20 minutes. Later the oil will be spit outside. A lot of diseases were prevented by sesame oil pulling. With the passage of time, this ancient practise vanished. To remind this ancient healthy practise and take the world forward to a healthy future, Idhayam a pioneer brand in Sesame Oil has come up with Idhayam Wealth - Oil Pulling Sachets

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