Content Writing Machine Article Creator Software within A Minute with PDF Guide

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Content Writing Machine Article Creator Software within A Minute with PDF Guide

This is basically a Software, its can help to create articles within a minutes with all Articles Settings and SEO. with this tool also you get a PDF E Book Guide for this tool. its very easy to use and you can generate Articles within a minute.

for use this tool
No Need Technical Skills

No Need User ID and Password
Its Simple to use only you need to write all sections.
This software ask you questions about your content , you need to write only answers of these questions , your Article will be ready to use with All Article Settings.
You can understand That Tool After Reading Guide E Book.

The following options are available:
• New Project – option for creating a new project
• Edit – option for editing a project

• Delete - option for deleting a project
• Enter Item Selling - option for entering item selling

• Brainstorm Topics - option for brainstorming topics

• Template Selection - option for selecting a desired template

• Create Article Title - option for creating article title
• Body Items - option for defining
• Add Body Item - option for adding body items
• Add Introduction - option for adding introduction part
• Add Conclusion - option for adding a conclusion

• Add Byline - option for adding byline
• Enter Product Link - option for entering a product link
• Enter Keywords - option for entering keywords
• Enter Description - option for entering description
• Generate Article - option for generating article

After Pay you will be download a text file , open this text file you will be found a Google Drive Link , open this drive link in your browser and download it.