Google AdSense Earnings Tricks 2019 Get Worldwide 25 Real Human Ads Clicks and 250 Page


Google AdSense Earnings Tricks 2019 Get Worldwide 25 Real Human Ads Clicks and 250 Page

This is the best Service for Google AdSense users to make more money with real ads clicks.
This service for bloggers who have blogs with adsense ads.

in this service we have target with campaign for real human users to our tasks.
in this service you will get these features :

  1. You need to provide your social media pages when you share your blog posts. our campaign send users to your page and users click on your blog posts and go to your site easy.(if any keywords of your site are rank on Google you can also provide us our users search those keywords on google to find your site.otherwise they go your site from your social media pages) this campaign we send 25 users to your site and these users visit your sites 10 pages and stay 60 second and click one of the AdSense Ad and stay 60 seconds. you will get 10 x 25 = 250 Page views and One Ad Click.

  1. One User only click one time and visit your site one time , we not allow to click again and your clicks will be count on Google AdSense Account and also your account will be safe.

  2. All these users all human and real they work manually one by one.and these users from all world.

  3. This Campaign need 3 days of complete this works tasks, you will get results withing 3 you need to wait 3 days after order for this campaign.

  4. You can test to get this service if your AdSense Earnings will be cross your investment then you can get this service again and again. if your earnings not cross your investment then you can leave this service.

After complete this campaign your benefits :

Your blog posts get 250 page views from the world.
you will get 25 Ads clicks on your Google AdSense Account. you can check your earning to recent day and calculate it.
All these clicks will be count on AdSense because its all real and human clicks.

If you want more then 25 Clicks also you can contact us we will provide you all real human ads clicks and page views as your requirements.

( Note : We do not get Any Guarantee how much you will earn ,may be you earn more or may be you earn less, we get Guarantee of clicks from those countries real and manually works )

Refund Policy : if your google adsense account has been block or terminated then you can get your current campaign money return. but we sure your account will be safe not getting ban.

After Order you need to send us your social media profile or page link from where you want to get traffic.
your Facebook Page Link
Your pinterest Links
your twitter links