Make Money Online with Big Boss 12 in Hindi Urdu Course By Imransir

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How to Make Money Online with Big Boss 12 in Hindi Urdu | BIGG BOSS 12
Hi This is the my new course make money online with bigg boss 12 in 2018.
Bigg Boss 12 is very popuar TV Show and His Host Salman Khan is a bollywood super star and its rank and TRP is High in India.

This is our course and we will doing Blogging on Bigg Boss 12 Topic and make money Online with Google Ads on Our website.
This is the course Video you can watch what we will learn in this event blogging on Bigg Boss 12.

Make Money Onine with Big Boss 12

1.Keyword Research for Big Boss 12

2.Ragister Domain name and Setup

3.Meta Discription and Meta Tags Settings

4.Theme Customizeation

5.Ideas About Thousend of Viral Posts Topics for Big Boss

6.How to Find Viral Content About Big Boss 12.

7.How to write contents about Big Boss 12 English/Hindi

8.How to Optimize Post Tital Description and Tags.

9.How to use Big Boss 12 Videos on website

10.Google adsense Ads Plusments on Website.

11.Promote Big Boss 12 Content on Facebook

12.Promote Big Boss 12 Content on Google Plus