The Breakthrough Accelerator -9th Aug 2021

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Event : The Breakthrough Accelerator
Date : 9th Aug 2021
Time : 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Do you often find yourself feeling low on energy, even though your health seems ok? And you can't find out why?
Do you feel that no matter how hard you work, your efforts are not appreciated, that others seem to get paid more even though you deserve better?
Do you feel that money goes away faster from your hands than it comes in?
And do you feel that no matter how many actions you change just you're unable to create the results you want?

Well, if you've answered YES to any of the above questions, and you can’t find the solutions in your actions, then maybe you’re looking in the wrong place- outside of you.

When your efforts and actions are NOT creating the results you want, then it’s clear that what comes BEFORE your efforts needs to change – and that is your energy. And I want to teach you the FORMULA that helps you align your beliefs, intentions, thoughts, feelings and actions, scientifically and spiritually, so that you can MASTER your ENERGY.

With an extensive education in NLP, Kundalini Samadhi, Hypnotherapy, Music and Sound therapy, and Vedas on Wealth and Success, I’ve had the privilege of transforming the lives of over 25000 people in multiple cities across India. And I’m on a mission to help One Million People create Powerful shifts in their lives and Achieve the Success they desire.

So if you’d like to stop wasting your time on the never ending external struggle and achieve all your goals quickly and effectively, I invite you to attend my Free Webinar - ‘The Breakthrough Accelerator’.

- Discover HOW your energy affects your success.
- Discover what you need to change to UNBLOCK ABUNDANCE.
- The 1 MASTERKEY that makes visualizations work.

In a nutshell, you will learn How to Master your Energy so that you can create the life of your dreams!

A collection of my own customized 60 DAILY AFFIRMATIONS, covering 5 different areas, that have helped me grow over the years. This is my personal collection, something you won't find anywhere on the internet! You can use them as wallpapers or print and post as reminders.

- Immediately look for the email in your inbox, where you will get all the details about the webinar.
- On the day of the Webinar join with the Zoom Meeting ID or link received on your registered email.

If you’re ready to beat your laziness and power up your life, Sign Up for the free webinar. Looking forward to Your Breakthrough!

To Your Breakthrough

Prachi Mayekar