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APEX Foundations Program

₹ 19,999₹ 9,999

In the English language, the word APEX means the highest part or the tip of something, when you are at your highest potential, your zenith - only then can the impact of your uniqueness reach and change the world. And that is the goal of this program to help you reach your highest potential in your career. A.P.E.X. stands for “ACCELERATED PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE IN “X”, where “X” is any career field, industry or sector of the economy.

Specifically, the program helps salaried professionals achieve the following 4 outcomes:
Learn how to significantly increase your compensation in 90 days or less
Learn how to target any job and secure an offer of employment
Understand what it takes to climb the career ladder in one-third the standard time
Learn how to differentiate your candidacy in the job hunt, making the competition irrelevant

So if you feel under-appreciated or under-recognised at work, or you are financially struggling and need to increase your income to better match your financial obligations, or you are unemployed and are looking for a job, or you are under-employed, i.e. your strengths and skills are not being used to their full potential, then this program is for you!

The course gives you the power, and is designed based on applied concepts, that give you clarity on how to self-implement this learning bringing the joy of meaningful work back into your professional life. You will have lifelong access to the course and all the updates to the program.