Blog / Website Audit Consultation

₹ 2,100₹ 840

Blog / Website Audit Consultation of :

A. Niche Validation
B. Keyword Analysis
C. Content Audit
D. On Page SEO Audit
E. Off Page SEO Audit

Its a comprehensive consultation program which will guide you to grow your blog or website.

Once you register you will receive a questionnaire where you will share all details about blog or website and the problems you are facing then the following steps will be followed during the consultation process:

Step 1 – Niche Validation will be done and changes will be suggested for better results.
Step 2 – Keyword Analysis will be done and list of keywords according to your niche and process to apply will be shared.
Step 3 – Content Audit will be done and shortcomings will be shared to improve quality of content.
Step 4– On Page SEO report and the suggestion to make correction will be shared.
Step 5– Off Page SEO Report will be shared along with the list of existing backlinks and competitor’s backlinks details.
Step 6– One time Review will be done and the shortcomings shared. (within 3 months)
If you work on the suggestions provided you will be able to rank your blog on your relevant keywords in less amount of time.

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