Online Course Creation Consultancy

₹ 2,999₹ 1,499

Online Course Creation Consultancy consists of :

A. One on One Guidance
B. All Questions Answered
C. Niche validation & Complete steps with course platform shared
D. Review Call after few days

Its a comprehensive consultation program which will guide you to create online course.

Once you register you will receive a questionnaire where you will share all details about your concept or topic and the problems you are facing then the following steps will be followed during the consultation process:

Step 1 : Our Experts will study based on the questionnaire submitted for 2-3 days after we receive this questionnaire.
Step 2: Then you will receive the first call one to one with the consultant.
Step 3: Please keep all your queries ready for the conversation.
Step 4: Consultant might ask you based on the questionnaire and can suggest some basic steps to follow.
Step 5: Then you will receive a complete comprehensive plan within 1 week to start creating a course from scratch with validation of your niche and suggestions thereof.
Step 6: You can start following the plan and if you have questions you can ask on email for next 1 month.
Step 7: During this duration you can schedule one more call of 30 minutes.
Step 8: Now after 3 months of providing the plan you will receive a follow-up to check how you followed the plan shared and the results. (This will be done via a questionnaire).

If you have any questions you can WhatsApp on 7905550853.

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