The Quick Digital Marketing Guide for Schools

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We have created this E-Book, especially for Schools to help them adapt to Digital Marketing. First of all the objective of Digital Marketing for Schools should be clear. I have tried to explain with simple examples the need to implement Digital Marketing.
Following the steps, a School can easily implement digital marketing. Tips other than Digital Marketing are also shared which will help them Grow their School.

Contents of the E-Book:

1.How Digital Marketing beneficial for schools?

2.Who can Learn Digital Marketing?

3.Steps to learn digital Marketing

Step 1: Create graphics in a play way.
Step 2: Enjoy creating video by drag and drop.
Step 3: Create a video tutorial by yourself.
Step 4: Content writing made simple.
Step 5: Create or maintain a website &list on Google.
Step 6: Create and optimize a Facebook page for your School.

4.Use your Website and Facebook page to get more admissions

5.Bonus Tips