INSPIRO KPSC UPSC Environment and Ecology Notes PART 1,2 &3

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INSPIRO KPSC UPSC Environment and Ecology PART 1,2 &3 ENGLISH - A booklet useful for various UPSC, KPSC, KAS, FDA/SDA, RFO, DMO, PSI exams

1. Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
2. Arctic Hurricanes
3. Bharat Stage V & VI
4. B K Chaturvedi Committee on Ecological Clearance
5. Black Carbon
6. Carbon Credit
7. Bharti Research Station
8. Biofertilizer
9. Bioremediation
10. Carbon Footprint and Indian Industries
11. Carbon Sequestration
12. Carbon Sink
13. Carbon Tax
14. Cartagena Protocol
15. Census of Marine Life
16. Central Water Commission
17. CFL & LED
18. Clean Development Mechanism
19. Coastal Zone Management
Comprehensive Environment Pollution Index
21. Convention On International Trade In Endangered Species Of Wild Fauna And Flora (Cites)
22. Desert Geopark
23. E8 (Elephant Conservation)
24. Ecologically Sensitive Areas
25. Ecomark
26. Emission Trading
27. Energy Conservation Building Code
28. Energy Saving Certificates
29. Environmental Performance Index
30. Environmental Refugee
31. E.U. Emission Cap (Airlines)
32. Genetic Garden
33. Genetic Pollution
34. Geo Engineering
35. UNFCCC COP 21 Paris & SDG
36. Geographical Information System
37. Global Carbon Project
38. Global Tiger Forum
39. Green Building
40. Green India Mission
41. Green National Accounts Initiative
42. Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment
43. Haathi Mere Saathi
44. India State of Forest Report 2011
45. Integrated Coastal Zone Management
46. Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project
47. Integrated Watershed Management Programme
48. IUCN Red list
49. Kiribati Islands (Climate Change Impact)
50. Kyoto Protocol
51. Multilateral Environmental Agreements
52. Nagoya Protocol
53. National Action Plan On Climate Change
54. National Centre for Marine BioDiversity
55. National Clean Energy Fund
56. National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project
57. National Disaster Communication Network
58. National Disaster Management Information System
59. National Environment Appellate Authority
60. National Environment Assessment and Monitoring Authority
61. National Environment Policy
62. National Geophysical Research Institute
63. National Mission for Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem
64. National Green Tribunal (NGT) or Green Courts
65. National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture
66. National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)
67. Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC)
68. Network Project on Organic Farming
69. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)
70. Oil spill
71. Oil zapper
72. Ramasar Convention
73. Redd
74. Redd+
75. Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)
76. Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO)
77. Save (Saving Asia's Vultures from Extinction)
78. Un Convention on Biological Diversity (Uncbd), CBD -Nagoya Protocol &
Aichi Targets
79. Un International Year of Forests
80. Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (Wgeep)
81. WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
82. Yeti (Young Ecologists Talk and Interact)
83. Zero Carbon Britain
84. All about Ecologically Sensitive Area
85. Water Degradation in Urban Areas
86. E Waste
Management and Handling
87. Disposal of Untreated Sewage
88. Conservation Of Tiger, Elephant, Snow Leopard, Etc
89. Environmental Aspects Associated With Mining
90. Kasturirangan Report
91. Corporate Social Responsibility And Environment
92. Forest Clearance Issue
93. IUCN updated List
94. ProPoor
Green Development Initiatives
95. Climate Change and International Response
96. Mining of Sand on River Beds
97. Pollution in Metros
98. Encroachment on National Parks
99. Contamination of Water
100. Commercialization of Agriculture
101. Real Estate Boom and Environment Degradation
102. Haphazard Construction In Hilly Areas And Impact
103. Integrated River Basin Management
104. Trials of Gm Food and Impact
105. Environment Clearance and Development Issue
106. Community Forest Management
107. Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Auditing
108. Polythene Bags and Pollution
109. Groundwater Depletion
110. Impact Of Tower Radiation
111. Greenex: India's First Carbon Efficient Index
112. Green E-Clearance & Green Laws Panel


Global Warming

Ocean Warming and its Effects

Rising Sea Cover Around Antarctica

Larsen C Ice Shelf Poised to Calve

Tansat Satellite

Scientists find 500 US Seabed Vents of Methane

Global Warming Impact on Ocean Currents

HCFCs Phase Out Management Plan

Vienna Convention on Protection of Ozone Layer

Kigali Agreement

International Cooperation

Marrakesh Cop

Aviation Climate Deal

Ozone Layer
Kyoto Protocol

Green Climate Fund

Adaptation Fund

Mission Innovation

Carbfix Project

Sustainable Development Goals

World Sustainable Development Summit

Wheat Blast

Climate Smart Agriculture

IGI is Asia-Pacific’s First ‘Carbon Neutral’ Airport

Majuli Set to Become First Ever Carbon Neutral District

India’s First ‘Green Corridor’

Food Legumes Research Platform (FLRP)
Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Record High Levels in 2016

Air Pollution

WHO Study on Air Pollution Levels

‘Clear the Air for Children’: UNICEF Study

Supreme Court: Air Pollution in Delhi NCR
India and State Global Air Report 2017

Hawa Badlo App

Air Quality Index

Delhi Smog

Delhi not The World’s Most Polluted City

RajVayu App

Ammonia Detected First Time in Troposphere

Fly Ash Utilization Policy

Ganga River

National Ganga Council

Swachh Yug Campaign

Gangetic Dolphins

Seechewal Model to Clean Yamuna

Cancer Causing Chemicals in Packaged Bread
Ozone Layer Over Antarctic Shows Signs of

Portable Kit for Detection of Chromium Contamination

Emissions Gap Rising
Arsenic Contamination

Stockholm Convention on POPs

Draft Order on Ban on Pesticides

Solid Waste Management-Buffer Zone

Industrial Waste Recycle: Nano tech

Taj Mahal Turns Green



Asian Waterbird Census Data

Sangai Brow-Antlered Deer


Transboundary Manas Conservation Area (TraMCA)

Country's First Tiger Repository

Increase in Tiger Population

International Tiger Day

National Tiger Conservation Authority

Impact of Ken-Betwa Link on Tiger Population
Himalayan Brown Bear Spotted in Kargil
Great Indian Bustard (GIB)

Indian Wild Orange

Hangul May Go Extinct

GYPS Vulture Reintroduction Programme
Eurasian Otter

Smooth-Coated Otter

Kendrapada Sheep

Habitat Destruction of Laggar Falcon in Madurai

Giant Panda no Longer Endangered
Indian Painted Frog

New Species of Pika

Kashmir's Red Stag

Giraffes Put on Extinction Watch List

Olive Ridley
Deer Antlers

Idukki Wildlife Santuary

Ban on Import of Exotic Animals Skin

Kaziranga National Park


NGT Decisions

Directions on Sambhar Lake

Working of Biodiversity Act 2002

Uttarakhand Disaster: GVK Fined for Aggravating the Impact of 2013 Floods Coastal Zone Regulation
Ban on Manja Threads

About NGT

Notification of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Pet Shop) Rules, 2016
First 2G Ethanol Bio-Refinery in Punjab

Delhi Declaration on Agrobiodiversity Management Environment Awareness Activities by MOEF
Rhino Horn Verification Committee

Seemai Karuvelam tree
Newtermite Species Named Chiraharitae Discovered

Invasive Giant African Land Snail Sighted
Indian Roller Bird

Bornean Orangutan Declared ‘Critically Endangered’

Operation Thunder Bird

The Fishing Cat

Irrawady Dolphins

Culling of Animals

Steps Taken for Protection of Endangered Species: MOEF

New Model to Study Urban Heat Island

New Policy Initiatives in Urban Transport
Green Highways Policy

States to Offer Tender for Green Corridor Project

National Electricity Mobility Mission Plan, 2020

ENVIS (Environmental Information System)
New Species of EEL Found on Bay of Bengal

Two Critically Endangered Balsams Plant Species

Medicinal Plant from KerAla

Zingiber Pseudosquarrosum

Nilambur Teak: GI Tag

Poplar Trees in Kashmir
Western Ghats Plantations Home to 204 Bird Species

Eco-Sensitive Zone: Sanjay Gandhi National Park

India Biodiversity Awards 2016

Kerala Bird Atlas Project

WWF’s Living Planet Report 2016

Report on Animal and Plant Discoveries 2015

Draft Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy

Disaster Management

National Disaster Management Plan

Disaster Risk Index of The World

Workshop on Preparation of Heat Wave Action Plan

NDMA’s Guidelines on Crowd Management, Safety Precautions

Samudra Paheredar

Chennai Oil Spill

Oil Degrading Bacteria to Undergo Field Trials
Flood Management

Jalrahat Exercise


Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill, 2015
Intensification of Forest Management Scheme (IFMS)

GM Crops

GM Mustard

Desi GM Alternative to Monsanto

Alternative to Bt Cotton

Udaypur Declaration: BRICS


World's Largest Marine Park
Seaweed Farming

Bacteria Resistant to “Last Resort” Antibiotic

Hakki Habba

World Wetlands Day

Polachira Wetlands

Rip Tides

World’s First Transit Rating System

Efficient and Sustainable City Bus Service Project

New Urban Agenda - Habitat – III

Shailesh Nayak Committee Report

Forest Fire

Global Green Award

Mining Accidents

Safety Measures in Coal Mines

Heritage Heroes Award


Cyclone Vardah

Winter Fog Experiment

Anthropocene Epoch – Human-influenced Age

Report on Palaeo Channel of North West India

Evidence of Lost Chandrabhaga River Found
New Continent: Zealandia

Ecological Experimental Zones

Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition

Internal Carbon Price

Atmospheric Moisture Affecting Rainfall and Drought

Clouds, Pollution and Monsoon

Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis is Moving Northwards

First Mammal to Go Extinct

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Greenland Shark

Sikkim Tops Coverage in Swachh Bharat

T.N. Tops List of Endemic Flowering Plants
Environment Tax in China

Predator Found for Dengue Causing Mosquito

Arctic Vault Receives New Seed Deposits
Organisations/institution in news

National Institute of Animal Welfare

Central Zoo Authority

Birdlife International


World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
National Museum of Natural History (NMNH)
Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education

National Biodiversity Congress

National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources
Salt Tolerant Garden in Tamil Nadu

Birds of Banni Grasslands Book

Norway Becomes First Country to Ban Deforestation

Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness

Urban Forests in 200 cities

International Solar Alliance


Photocatalyst to Completely Degrade Industrial Dyes

Important International Days

World Mountain Day

Water Day

World Food Day

Earth Hour

World Environment Day

World Wildlife Day

World's First Tsunami Awareness Day

International Day for Preservation of Ozone Layer

World Day to Combat Desertification

World Hydrography Day

World Oceans Day