Ebook - The Complete Guide To Selling And Marketing On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is used by over 340 million Indians - but is that about to change because of the new privacy policy?

Turns out, it is not. In fact, the new Whatsapp policy benefits businesses who wish to engage more with their customers! Don't take our word for it, this has been proven by Siddharth Sharma, Director of Marketing at Verloop.io.

To help you further, we collaborated with Verloop.io to bring you the only guide you need to start selling on WhatsApp!
In this ebook, we cover -
1. WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
2. How to sell on WhatsApp easily
3. WhatsApp business policy - how ti impacts your business
4. Networking on WhatsApp - tips and tools

Enjoy your ebook! Stay updated on our channel for more content.