Ask Aniisu: 60-minute personalized chat on personal branding

₹ 1,000

• Connect with me about personal branding in a telephonic or video call
• This conversation is designed to discover your personal brand
• Introductory offer: your deal is INR 1000.00

If you are interested in:
• Understanding how to gauge your personal brand
• Appreciate the nuances of personal branding
• Gaining from my experience and expertise in personal branding
• Identifying what you stand for
• Learning how to develop your own brand
• Amplifying your personal brand
• Knowing the challenges you may face while building a personal brand
• Creating a consistent experience with your personal brand
• Getting feedback on the current practices you follow
• Evaluating your current personal brand

Grab an hour of my time to seek my views, gauge the value of your practices and get better with building your personal brand

In a world where specialization is the key to success, not having a personal brand can hurt you. If you do not stand out from the rest you will face hurdles in your work or business engagements. While not every topic can be covered in an hour long chat you can use this flexible model of interaction to choose how and what you want to discuss. Feel free to let me know in advance what topic you want to cover to help us structure the conversation.

At the end of the interaction you will be able to benefit from being more self-aware, learn more about creating and sustaining a personal brand. Depending on the depth of the topic, you can choose to extend the call or have multiple conversations over time.

How it works
• This engagement will cost INR 1000 for one person
• You can book your slot based on a mutually agreed time
• After your booking I will reach out and schedule the session

I am excited by the opportunity to make a difference to your personal branding effort.