21 GST Queries by Every Trade Exhibitor in Delhi

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Delhi is a hub for all significant Trade Fair events. After the introduction of GST (Goods & Service Tax Act), there is a lot of Queries by Trade Exhibitors that need comprehensive Answer.

It is observed that GST law consists of Act/ Rules/ Notifications and Tax Rate. It is the only myth that GST is a very complex system.

The rational to write this book is to clarify all provisions of the GST Law in a simplified manner so that even a common man, may comprehend the legislative intent.

We have tried to write this book chapter wise with focus on Queries raised by Casual Taxable Persons. This is a critical book to clear all queries from registration to cancellation of Casual Taxable Person.

In the universe of a book, the reader and the author enjoy as special a bond. We have done our work with 100% honesty. We sincerely hope that this book would undoubtedly prove an asset to you.