25 GST Queries by Every Composition Dealer

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Composite Dealers are always an important part of our Business & Ecosystem. Even during VAT days before 1st July 2017. In Delhi Vat Act, there was a separate category for Composite Dealer.

After the introduction of GST (Goods & Service Tax Act), there is a lot of Query by Composite Trader/Dealer that need comprehensive Answer.

If we observe, GST law, it consists of Act/ Rules/ Notifications and Tax Rate had created a myth that GST is a very complex system.

This Book Author has covered all major queries.

Adv Pradeep Singh Negi is a law graduate from Lucknow University.

He has 26 years of vast practical experience in handling Direct and Indirect taxation matters of various MSME, Startup & MNC’s.

Adv Pradeep Singh Negi has done an extensive study on GST in India and has been following all the developments in the rollout of GST by the Indian Government.

He is Co-Founder - MyTaxDost ®, the only platform where you find a solution of queries related to taxes, Finance and personal life.

He regularly shares his view on GST through his YouTube Channel- MyTaxDost.