Complete Works of Sanjeev Newar on Hinduism and Spirituality - AGNIVEER

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10 life-changing books by the founder - Agniveer - Sanjeev Newar. Rare collection on the wisdom of ancient seers and divine texts. This bundle includes following books in PDF format

  1. Eternal Religion Of Humanity
  2. The Science of Blissful Living
  3. Beyond Flesh there lies a human being
  4. Dalits of Hinduism
  5. A Hindu’s fight for Mother Cow
  6. Attacks on Hinduism And its defence forever
  7. Divine Vedas
  8. Questions only Hinduism can Answer
  9. Essence of Vedas – first book of world
  10. Practical Guide to Moksha

This collection is a nominal token of appreciation for your donation to welfare activities of Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society.