A guide to get a top 50 rank in JEE!

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You might have read several articles about how top JEE rankers made it. Ever wondered how YOU can do it too? We are introducing a new concept - a minibook! A minibook is a short book that is meant to give a sudden boost to your preparation!

What people are saying:
Really helpful and motivating. Thanks for this

Awesome!! Really very nice tips given. I think I am going to read this again and again for frequent doses of motivation :D Thank you very much for this :)

Hi aman, I wish that if the same article would have been published 1 year ago i would have been way ahead in my preparation but as you said in your mini book "looser think of excuses and winners think a way to do it ". I will definitely bounce back and achieve my desired rank in jee 2017(top 50). THANK YOU FOR MOTIVATING ME

Keep up the good work..'Sir' !!

True Aman buddy, u have value of ur time and I think the minibook is worth thousands of rupees, really boosted my prep.

I would too suggest every jee aspirant to have this minibook as this not boosts the morale but also provides right direction to our hardwork as mentioned hardwork is a vector quantity. I think the price set for the minibook is too cheap for something of such great importance. TRULY A MUST HAVE.

Aman, we had ordered the book and its a great piece of work !! It's worth 1000 bucks. Thanks .Let's see how it works.

A great book any aspirant can read in free time and can use to get motivated. Must buy!

Good ideas to keep you in race for Top 50 rank

You can read more reviews here: https://amangoeliitb.blogspot.in/2016/08/a-guide-to-get-top-50-rank-in-jee.html

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