Guide to Preparation for JEE in the Drop Year

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For all those students out there who are taking a year's drop for JEE, here comes the best article for droppers!

Lots of you have asked me about drop year preparation tips. I am myself not a dropper and so, it makes no sense for me to write a dropper related blog. I contacted a couple of people and one of them thankfully agreed to write a dropper blog. The person wanted me to not reveal the name and so, I cannot reveal anything about the author.

Note: The opinion and suggestions of the author may differ from what I have mentioned anywhere on this blog. Use your own discretion in this case.

The minibook contains 11 pages and about 2500 words. I myself went through it and it seemed to be pretty good. I would be glad if the droppers who are reading this minibook can post their feedback. If we get a good feedback on the minibook, I can request the author to be a regular writer on the blog for the dropper's section.