How to get back into the race after wasting 1 or 2 months of JEE preparation

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Most students start their JEE preparation in April. Some wake up a bit late. Are you one of those who is starting now? Are you worried that you will lose the race because you started off late? Do you feel depressed about not properly utilizing the starting few months? Do you spend a lot of time thinking if you can ever make it to IITs? If the answer to the above question is a yes, you’ve landed yourself at the right place.

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  3. Hey Aman, first of all thank you for this great post, it was really amazing
  4. Great work bhaiya!!!
  5. Why did you price it so low????? This is worth thousands!!!
  6. Hi Aman, this blog's highly Motivating!!!!! It is due this blog that I have got motivated to get an AIR 100 rank in JEE advanced

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