Homemade Soaps 125g

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    Our USP
    Our products are unique because we use homegrown organic coconuts from our very own farm to make cold-pressed coconut oil for all our skincare product range. For things we can’t make ourselves, we source the best ingredients.
    Our products are all Handmade and are strictly made in small batches only. Not factory-made or mass-produced. This helps us keep our products preservative-free which is an essential part of our ethos.
    We believe in sustainable natural living. We try to reduce plastic usage but the struggle is real and we are trying our best.
    In a nutshell: SIMPLE. NATURAL. HANDMADE

    Product Description
    Our soaps are made of high-quality Organic Coconut Oil made from coconuts grown on our very own farm organically. It doesn’t get any better than that. This creates a silky smooth bath bar that gives a wonderfully creamy lather. Our Cold Pressed method of extracting coconut oil preserves all of the naturally occurring antioxidants, glycerin and Vitamin E. It has deep cleansing, moisturizing , skin repairing and anti-aging properties.

    We only use the purest and freshest ingredients and we are sure you will enjoy the truly unique experience of our 100% natural bath and body products.

    Quantity - 125 g

    Every piece is a handcrafted item made with personal care by a person and not by a machine. From formulating and preparing to cutting and packaging, it is all done by hand. There may be minor variations that are not product flaws. Such variations are inherent during the making of handmade products, so you might find slight changes in texture, color and size of the products.
    Please help us continue in our journey by supporting and encouraging our choice to live:
    • Sustainably
    • Earth-friendly
    • Chemical-free
    • Plastic-free
    • Without factory-made products
    • A-Handmade-From-Scratch-Life
    • Natural
    • Hybrid/GMO-free

    Thank you for your trust in us and continued support