Become a digital Life Coach

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₹ 33,000₹ 11,000

Gain access to 11 incredible digital workshops with instant download access.

1: Why there is no interest in studies. ( worth Rs.5000)
2: The power of words and it's influence in your life. ( worth Rs.5000)
3: Know the core reason for lethargy. ( worth Rs.5000)
4: How to generate an attitude that enhances your well-being. ( worth Rs.5000)
5: How to break free from the toxic effects of social media. ( worth Rs.5000)
6: How to become free from the fear of performance. ( worth Rs.5000)
7: How create freedom from anxiety. ( worth Rs.5000)
8: Awaken the process of sthita prajna. ( worth Rs.5000)
9: Gain control of the situation while giving interview. ( worth Rs.5000)
10: 7 ways to power boost your self confidence levels. ( worth Rs.5000)
11: 5 ways in which you are silently damaging your self confidence. ( worth Rs.5000)

You can download the entire 10 courses & have instant access to the post powerful techniques that have an incredible capacity to bring out the best in each individual.