IoT Bootcamp v3.0 [Republic Day Weekend]

  • Start Date: Jan. 26, 2017, 7:52 p.m.
  • End Date: Jan. 29, 2017, 7:52 p.m.
  • Venue:, 9th Main, Sadashivnagar, off Mekhri Circle, directly opposite Bangalore One Citizen Centre []

Welcome to yet another Bangalore MakeSpace and Open Source Creativity IoT BOOTCAMP!! After two hugely successful bootcamps -- we had to offer yet another legendary experience -- this time with more electronics modules and more software-focused innovation!

WHAT: IoT BootCamp v3.0 (4-days)
WHEN: Thursday 26th January - Sunday 29th January, 2017
TIME: 11AM - 6:30PM each day
COST: INR 2066/- per person (register here) OR INR 1000 per day (to be paid in cash at venue)

We have an exhaustive inventory of equipment, components and parts libraries for participants to use, some of which includes the following:
+ Arduino Microcontroller Families (full series)
+ Raspberry Pi (all models) including Pi accessories (camera modules, Pi Cobblers, etc)
+ ESP8266 series, NodeMCU series, ESP32 modules
+ Spark Photon, Texas Instruments BLE SensorTag series
+ BeagleBone Black, CubieTruck, Intel Edison, Intel Galileo gen 2, NXP Kinetis Freedom Board
+ Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and nRF modules
+ STM32 Discovery Board, AVR Microcontroller platforms and other ARM/ARM Cortex embedded systems platforms
+ Microsoft Kinect, NeuroSky Mindwave, Oculus Rift and much more!

DAY 1 (Thurs 26th Jan): PRE-IoT TRAINING
+ Understanding how to think about the Internet of Things (IoT)
+ Interfacing different sensors with Arduino
+ Talking to your Android Phone with Arduino
+ Intro to IoT using ESP8266, Raspberry Pi and BLE (demo)
+ Voice Controlled Mini Home Automation using Android Smartphone and Bluetooth module (demo)

DAY 2 (Friday 27th Jan): IoT Case Studies and End-to-End Builds
+ Implementing "Soft Switches": Web-controlled LEDs
+ Control Devices using Localhost Web Server for Home Automation using Ethernet Shields
+ Building a Temperature Logger using Thingspeak
+ Building an IR-based Home Automation System with ESP8266
+ Building WiFi Gadgets using NodeMCU
+ Remotely controlling Electronic Devices from anywhere across the world using the Internet, Mobile Apps and MQTT protocols

DAY 3 (Saturday 28th Jan): Raspberry Pi + Connected Hardware
+ Understanding the Raspberry Pi family of microprocessors
+ Building a Motion Detector using Raspberry Pi
+ Pi Camera interfacing with Raspberry Pi
+ Understanding how to implement a Web Server using RPi
+ Evolution of Raspberry Pi as a single board computer to a professional high-speed embedded development platform

DAY 4 (Sunday 29th Jan): The Future of IoT and AI/IoT
+ Exploring the new ESP32 SoC
+ Implementing a 3D Scanner using Microsoft Kinect
+ Implementing Alexa using Raspberry Pi
+ IoT with AWS: What are Microservices and why should we care?

+ Please bring your laptops and chargers to take full advantage of this immersive hands-on bootcamp
+ You MUST email to confirm your seat for this bootcamp -- once your email is received a confirmation of your payment will be sent back to you.
+ People of all experience levels are welcome! This event is specially designed such that both BEGINNERS and ADVANCED level folks can take part and enjoy the experience of being in such a bootcamp.
+ Each day will start with a pre-defined set of exercises for the participants to finish along with plenty of instructor-led demos!