The Quintessence of Yoga - Ebook

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Speaking of Advaita as the quintessence of Yoga is really an interesting but tough task as far as the philosophical exposition is concerned. Although the experience of many saints, of old and modern times, may confirm the Advaita Reality, yet Dvaita experience dominates the ordinary domain of experience. In the tradition of Indian Philosophy it has been held through many centuries that the Yoga is a system of Dualism and Advaita is that of Non-dualism. A study of the fundamental doctrines of these two systems, of course, collaborates this understanding. Then how can there be a synthetic approach towards these apparently opposing systems? The present book by Dr. Rajeshwar Mukherjee and Dr. Kakali Ghosh is a peep into the intricacies of the subject offering a new thought on the common spiritual goal of both the systems to understand and assimilate.