DUS KA DUM- KING RESEARCH ACADEMY PRO TRADING PROGRAME (With Secret Tricks... Never Find any book Or Youtube)

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*USP- Learn How to THOKO (Sell) @ TOP & Buy @ Bottom *
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Date: 11th July 2022
Duration: 7 Days Online Class + 90 Days mentorship programe + 4 Live Trading & Training Sessions
Time: 9 pm to 10:30 pm

Basic to advance with Operator Psychology
4-5 different strategies with Operator Psychology
U will Get One Brand new Options Strategy
U will Get 3 different strategies Scanner
So, What are you waiting for ??
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Stock market trading/investing is purely based on a Pyramid.

The base is knowledge base learning.
Market thinking and emotions.
Training and Discipline.
System and Tools.
MOST IMP Strategies with Operator Psychology
📌 Without core market knowledge, you can’t make consistent profit in the stock/share market.
📌 Training and Discipline are a must to get success in any field, and the share market is not an exception.
📌 Price action is highly influenced by the collective emotions and actions of the market participants, without understanding these factors you can’t sustain the market.
📌 Survival is the key in the market. Without proper risk management and money management, you can’t survive long in the market. For this, you need to follow the proper system and tools.
📌 The market is like a deep ocean. Without having proper strategies, you get lost in this market and lose everything to big players.

King Research Academy believes that every small or big investor or trader should be equipped with proper knowledge. And so we try our best to empower you by any means. We already posted a lot of educational videos including many best strategies free of cost on our YouTube channel Kingresearch_Academy, so that people can learn and then earn on their own.

What is The King Research Academy Pro Trading Project???

The program is very well-designed for investors and traders, who want to invest and earn money in the stock market. It's not like other trading courses, where you waste your time and money learning what you get in any trading-related book or on the internet for free.
King Research Trading Pro Project is basically a full course basic to advance in different parts and Dus Ka Dum is the advanced level module.
Here, we teach you which Stock to pick when to enter, and exit, and how to book a big profit and minimize your losses by using the proper system and tools.
What the actual price of your trade should be.
And how to save yourself from the risk associated with the market.
The King Research Academy Pro Trading Project is basically designed to give you only workable learning other than bookish information that anyone can get from books or the internet. This course is totally based on the experience we gathered in our 14 years of trading experience in the stock market.

What is Dus Ka Dum???

Dus ka Dum is an advanced-level course designed for all types of traders, from newbies to experienced ones.
This course focused on workable strategies only.
As we believe that indicators should be used only to help in trading and not to decide your trade. All our strategies are based on pure Price Action only.


Key points of CandleStick.👇 a. What is Price Action? b. Hidden secrets of the candlestick. c. Unknown candlestick pattern. d. Identify Demand and Supply with a magical candlestick. e. Secret time frame suitable to your trading style and method.
Concept of DHOKHA/DECEPTION.👇 a. Identify false trade. b. Identify stop-loss trapping. c. Identify big operators' games on candles.
Action-Reaction Strategy for Intraday.👇 a. Impulse beats of Market. b. Hidden market emotion base trade. c. Identify the tradable scrip. d. How to enter and complete the trade quickly and book profit.
LUNCHBOX Strategy.👇 a. How to identify perfect trade in the second half. b. No need to sit in front of a screen from the morning to the evening.
Index Hunting Strategy.👇 a. Identify trade in Nifty and Banknifty. b. The right time to execute the trade. c. Proper entry and exit/profit booking system and tools.
Hand Changing Strategy.👇 a. The secret strategy of reverse trading. b. How to use Trapping Stop-loss levels for a big profit. c. Big operator strategy.
No-Noise Strategy.👇 a. Morning Option strategy.
Catch & Eat Strategy.👇 a. Swing trading. b. Stock selection for swing trade. c. Entry and profit booking system.
Option-Hunting- Strategy.
Expiry-Special Strategy.
Proper risk management and money management system.
How to choose the correct time frame for different types of trading.

14-15 hours of online class live with Harry Sir only.
3-month learning support under the guidance of well-trained mentors.
Plenty of examples and strategies.
Assignment and Spot Assessment.
Suitable for all trading styles (Scalping, Day trading, Swing Trading, Positional Trading)
Access to student premium groups.
Interaction with other traders.
No need to buy any software.
No need to make an Excel sheet.
No need to do complex calculations.
No confusing charts.
No trapping Indicators.
Only Simple Price action.
COURSE FEE FOR ABOVE Module: Rs. 44999/- Introduction Offer 50% off Rs. 22,000 + 18% Gst.

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