General Studies - I

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It contains following magazines:
- Indian History
- World History
- Geography & Society

These magazines are a compendium of Knapps specific to General Studies-I (IAS Mains). IIt has been meticulously prepared and consolidated to cater to the needs of Civil Services aspirants. 

Knappily’s Magazine initiative is in service of those who aspire to be the top civil servants of India. The magazine is our sincere attempt to smoothen your journey towards cracking the prestigious but daunting Civil Services Examination. Most aspirants write an average answer in spite of being completely prepared. For you to outshine others, you need not just relevant information which you can recall quickly, you also need it in the format that makes writing an above average answer easy. If used well, Knappily’s magazines will power you to the top of the crowd. 

The strength of the magazine lies in the presentation of the analysis. Aspirants will find this magazine useful for General Studies-I in the Mains (Written& Interview) as well as Preliminary stages.