Webinar : Programs & Pricing

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Are you struggling to understand what to charge for your services or programs & achieve your financial goals as a coach?

Are you stuck working with clients who you do not have the best relationship with who leave you frustrated & tired?

Would you love to create an offer that would help your clients better as well as compensate you for your time & energy fairly?

The #1 mistake I see most online coaches making is undercharging their services because they fear not getting any clients.

I am here to show you that there is a way out! And you have an opportunity to make this breakthrough in your own business by buying my webinar on “Programs & pricing”!

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create an offer or a program that is both profitable and sustainable for your business.

Some of the topics that are be covered :
-Creating programs that align with who you are
-How to do a SWOT analysis & Ikigai for your business
-How to price your programs to make it profitable & sustainable
-How pricing can make or break your business
-Rules to apply while drafting your offer
-How to market your programs
-Where most coaches make mistakes in creating their programs
-Commonly asked questions by coaches